Wholesale computers price list

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Cosmetic computers Grades

Cosmetic Grade A: 

Grade A products will have overall excellent to very good cosmetic condition. Some Grade A units will be cosmetically pristine while others may have light scratches or other minor blemishes.  Some Laptops may exhibit some shiny areas around the keyboard (space bar, touchpad and/or touchpad buttons), but the keyboard keys will be in excellent condition. Cosmetic blemishes will have no impact to the system’s overall functionality or performance.

Cosmetic Grade B

These units will have some cosmetic blemishes that include scratches and/or other surface imperfections. Some Laptops may exhibit shiny keys on the keyboard and/or shiny surfaces around the keyboard. All key characters will be legible. Grade B products are functionally equivalent to Grade A, and will include the same warranty and customer support as Grade A products. Pricing on grade B products will typically be lower than grade A products.

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